A One-line diagram of the system being evaluated will be provided that clearly identifies individual equipment buses used in the short-circuit analysis, cable and bus connections between the equipment, and calculated maximum short-circuit current at each bus location.  All calculation methods and assumptions shall be defined.  The study shall include input circuit data including electric utility system characteristics, source impedance data, conductor lengths, number of conductors per phase, conductor impedance values, insulation types, transformer impedances and X/R ratios, motor contributions, and other circuit information as related to the short-circuit calculations. Tabulations of calculated quantities including short-circuit currents, X/R ratios, equipment short-circuit interrupting or withstand current ratings will be include in the study.  An equipment evaluation report will be provided identifying all interrupting and current withstand devices noting PASS or FAIL.  A comprehensive discussion section evaluating the adequacy or inadequacy of the equipment will be provided and include recommendations as appropriate for improvements to the system.