All protective device shall be analyzed to provide optimum coordination and protection using time-current curves (TCCs) and displayed on log-log scale graphs.  The TCC shall terminate the device characteristic curves at a point reflecting maximum symmetrical or asymmetrical fault current to which the device is exposed. Pertinent motor starting characteristics and motor damage points shall be displayed on the TCC where applicable.  Generator short-circuit decrement curve and generator damage point, as applicable, shall be noted.  A sufficient number of plots shall be provided to indicate the degree of system protection and coordination by displaying the time-current characteristics of series connected overcurrent devices and other pertinent system parameters, including transformer inrush and damage curves.  A list shall accompany the TCCs and will contain descriptions for each of the devices and their settings based on the applicable TCC.  A discussion section which evaluates the degree of system protection and service continuity with overcurrent devices, along with recommendations as required for addressing system protection or device coordination deficiencies, will be provided.