The arc flash hazard analysis shall be performed according to the IEEE 1584 equations that are presented in NFPA70E.  The arc flash hazard analysis shall be performed in conjunction with the short-circuit analysis and the protective device time-current coordination analysis.  The flash protection boundary and the incident energy shall be calculated. Working distances shall be based on IEEE 1584.  The calculated arc flash protection boundary shall be determined using those working distances.  The short-circuit calculations and the corresponding incident energy calculations for multiple system scenarios shall be compared and the greatest incident energy shall be reported.


The results of the Arc-Flash Hazard Analysis shall be submitted in tabular form, and shall include device or bus name, bolted fault and arcing fault current levels, flash protection boundary distances, working distances, personal-protective equipment classes and AFIE (Arc Flash Incident Energy) levels.  The Arc-Flash Hazard Analysis shall report incident energy values based on recommended device settings for equipment within the scope of supply.  The Arc-Flash Hazard Analysis may include recommendations to reduce AFIE levels and enhance worker safety.


When specified, arc flash hazard labels will be supplied and contain the following information:

  • System Voltage
  • Flash protection boundary
  • Personal Protective Equipment category
  • Arc Flash Incident energy value (cal/cm²)
  • Limited, restricted, and prohibited Approach Boundaries