Even the safest and well-designed switchgear can injure personnel or not operate properly if Power Engineering Studies are not performed and followed.  Power Engineering Studies provide information and guidance that the switchgear ratings exceed what is required for the electrical system it will be installed in as well as providing arc flash safety information to meet OSHA and local AHJ, Authority Having Jurisdiction, requirements.  Performing these studies prior to final equipment design and installation can save valuable time and money as equipment modifications at site are very costly and delay projects.


Point Eight Power can produce these Power Engineering Studies on switchgear prior to manufacturing to ensure the equipment ratings exceed what is required for the electrical system.  If there are any discrepancies found in the study, Point Eight will suggest various solutions prior to manufacturing to minimize delays and any cost impact of changes.   If requested, Point Eight can set all protective devices to ensure protective device coordination.  In addition, Point Eight can provide an arc flash hazard analysis, and labeling if required, prior to shipment that complies with NFPA 70E to meet OSHA and AHJ requirements.


All Power Engineering Studies are performed using SKM Systems Analysis Power Tools for Windows™ (PTW) software and are reviewed and approved by a Registered Professional Electrical Engineer.


Request a Power engineering Study with your next switchgear order to ensure the equipment ordered meets the projects electrical rating and safety requirements to avoid costly commissioning delays and changes.


Power Engineering Studies Available


ARC FLASH HAZARD ANALYSIS (NOTE: Both a short circuit study and protective device time-current coordination analysis are required to perform an arc flash hazard analysis)