lv-01Point Eight Power offers a wide array of equipment for low-voltage applications including generator control, distribution, cogeneration, peak shaving and outdoor switchgear. Depending on the application, our products can be built to various UL standards.

Our major strength is in how we put these wholly manufactured products together to create a custom system for your unique project. We further enhance our system packages by customizing a variety of off-the-shelf products from different standard equipment manufacturers.

UL Listings

UL-508 (Industrial Control Panels)

UL-891 (Dead Front Switchboards)

UL-1558 (Metal-Enclosed LV Power Circuit Breaker Switchgear)

Low-Voltage Seismic Switchgear – Certificate of Compliance

Low-Voltage Metal-Enclosed Switchgear Data Sheet

Low-Voltage Switchgear Specification

UL 1558 Metal-Enclosed Switchgear Brochure

Seismic-Rated Switchgear Brochure

Low-Voltage Cable Termination Box

Industry: All Products

Low Voltage Equipment Listing
Low Voltage Generator Control Switchgear Low Voltage Individual Controllers
Low Voltage Distribution Switchgear Low Voltage Transfer Switches
Low Voltage Cogeneration Switchgear Low Voltage Switchracks
Low Voltage Peak Shaving Switchgear Low Voltage High Resistance Ground Systems
Low Voltage Standby Generator Switchgear Low Voltage Bus Ducts
Low Voltage Outdoor Switchgear Relay Panels
Low Voltage Engine/generator Control Panels Control Consoles
Low Voltage Custom Control Panels Substations
Low Voltage Motor Control Centers