InteliGen Controller

Point Eight Power’s New Technology InteliGen is a comprehensive controller for both single and multiple gen-sets operating in standby or parallel modes. Compact construction is optimized for these purposes; various HW modifications allow the customer to select the optimum type for a particular application. Built-in synchronizer and digital isochronous load sharer allow total integrated solution for gen-sets in standby, island parallel or mains parallel. Native cooperation of up to 32 gen-sets is a standard feature. InteliGenNT supports many standard ECU types and is especially designed to easily integrate new ones. Powerful graphic display with user-friendly control allows even new users to find quickly the required information.


-Support of engines with ECU (Electronic Control Unit)
-Excellent configurability allows matching exactly the customer’s needs
-Complete integrated gen-set solution and signal sharing via CAN bus – minimum external components needed
-Many communication options – easy remote supervising and servicing
-Perfect price/performance ratio
-Gen-set performance log for easy problem tracing

Integrated fixed and configurable protections
-3 phase integrated generator protections
-IDMT overcurrent + Shortcurrent protection
-Overload protection
-Reverse power protection
-Earth fault protection
-3 phase integrated mains protections
-Vector shift protection
-All binary/analogue inputs free configurable for various protection types: HistRecOnly / Alarm Only / Warning / Off load / Slow stop / BreakerOpen & Cooldown / Shutdown / Mains protect / Sensor fail
-Additional 160 programmable protections configurable for any measured value to create customer-specific protections

-Support of engines with ECU (J1939,Modbus & other proprietary interfaces):alarm codes displayed in text form
-AMF Function
-Automatic synchronizing and power control (via speed governor or ECU)
-Baseload, Import/Export
-Peak Shaving
-Voltage and PF control (AVR)
-Generator measurement:U, I, Hz, kW, PF, kWh, kVAhr
-Mains measurement:U, I, Hz, kW, kVAr, PF
-Inputs and outputs configurable for various customer needs
-RS232/RS485 interface with ModBus support; Analog/GSM/ISDN/CDMA modem support;SMS messages
-Event-based history (up to 500 records) with cutomer-selectable list of stored value; RTC; statistic values
-Integrated PLC programmable functions
-Dimensions 180x120mm (front panel)
-Sealed to IP65