What we do:
A 24/7 critical operation typically requiring facilities for offshore oil workers, offshore rigs, Floating Production, Storage & Offloading (FPSO) vessels are the workhorses that begin the oil-and-gas-extraction process.

Maintaining a power source on these remote sites is challenging, but absolutely crucial. There must be a fluid and steady flow of oil along the seafloor to onshore pipeline and refining facilities. Once in the refinery, the sometimes remote or cogenerated power interfacing with utilities needs to be controlled and distributed to maintain production in this orchestrated line of crude production.

And the people on the rigs need to know they won’t be left in the dark.

Point Eight provides electrical systems that keep operations running and product moving through the oil and gas production and refinement process.
Our support services are on call 24/7 to assist clients with staying online and in service.

Industries we serve:

• Offshore • Pipeline
• Refining

Offshore: Offshore oil rigs and FPSO vessels used for retrieval, production, storage and offshore unloading of oil and gas.

Pipeline: Offshore and onshore pipeline systems that transport oil and gas to refining areas. These systems can run for miles under the ocean surface before they reach their final destination at onshore refining sites.

Refining: These onshore production facilities that refine crude oil into a consumable product are the last step in the gas-retrieval, transportation and refinement process.

Products they buy:
Point Eight’s electrical control and distribution systems provide full-scope equipment to manage power from a combination of our LV and MV equipment product line, including engine and generator-control switchgear, Motor Control Centers and pump/motor controllers. In addition, we design and manufacture Power Control and Distribution (PCD) buildings that can include all electrical, HVAC and personnel accommodations ready to be seamlessly added to your power control and distribution project. We build for any application from a simple container control house to a 250-ton, two-story, welded-steel building with living quarters and helideck. Click here to view all our products.

Our clients include:

• Chevron Texaco • Shell & BP
• ExxonMobil • A&R Pipeline
• Saudi Aramco