What we do:
We are a supplier of low- and medium-voltage electrical control and distribution systems for noncombatant naval vessels. We build systems that can meet Mil 901D and the new ABS/Naval Vessel Rules (NVR) set forth by the Department of the Navy. These specifications cover shock-testing requirements for shipboard machinery, equipment, systems and structures.
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Industries we serve:

• Coast Guard • Navy
• Military Installations

Products they buy:
Clients in this vertical buy a combination of our LV and MV electrical equipment for their full-scope electrical-control and distribution-system needs. Many of our marine systems are built for ancillary noncombatant vessels. However, additional systems can be built to meet the Mil 901D shock requirements for combatant vessels. These systems range from fully hardened equipment to modified commercial-grade equipment mounted on isolators. The purpose of Mil 901D shock requirements is to verify the ability of shipboard installations to withstand shock loadings that may be incurred during wartime service.

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Our clients include: